Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I can't wait to get my reward for my runner job!

Alot of piks of me big medium and small
+ a class pik!

Say high to my new friend Marissa and her new blog she doesn't have any posts yet but her address is http://www.marissashotspot.blogspot.com, Iyana you did a great job on your presentation and that you did yours FiRST! I'm good on doing my projects after the 1st one because then thats when they ask you all the question and I messed up on my presentation because I forgot the most iMPORTANT thing............ My BiRTHDAy MONTH YEAR EVEN DAy! But you did great! Wow! But, *sigh* I guess I have to tell you how many posts I actually have sinse iyANA said it ten times but I guess she's the only one who goes to my page, so here it goes......I am so bad because you have WAy more I'm telling you that now...............Here it goes............33 see I told you it was not alot but this is my 34th so I'll keep counting and I'll say when I have 50 or 100 so see ya next time! buh bye! :-D


  1. OMG. Now that was unexpected.. lol

  2. : ( what is that suppoesed to mean?? : (