Friday, September 18, 2009

The Answers to Iyana's 100th Post Savenger Hunt!

Here are the answers to my best friend's 100th post savenger hunt. If you don't know what I am talking about, visit to see! Here are all 25 answers! But I would have had them a lot earlier if my computer didn't make a mess up! Grrr......... Anyway, here we go:

1. The "Circle of my life" project is finished!!!
2. Page counters!
4. Ducks Ahoy!
5. September 11th
6. Rainy Days
7. May Day
8. Paranoid
9. Going Green with a Greenhouse
10. Today is the day!
11. The only two people on earth
12. Ice cream and cake!
13. He answered! :-D
14. San Diego!
15. Viva Las Vegas!
16. Americas Best Dance Crew week 2
17. Series of Unfortunate Events books
18. Swine Flu
19. Sigh
20. They're getting Married!
21. Sink or float
22. Optical Illusions
23. Cars
24. Tanning is made for people (and dogs!)
25. Lastly!! Meat a.k.a. Brisket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those are my answers.. Exactly how they are like all the spelling, exclamation marks, and everything on the title now comment and tell me if I got them ALL right, or if I got some wrong....( Doubt It!!!)

P.S. Say "HOORAY" for Iyana she is the STAR of the DAY on Monday!!! HOORAY! HOORAY!!
HOORAY!!! YAY!! She gets to sit in this AWESOME chair for a whole day! Plus, do all the fun things that other people can't! Nice Job!

******* $@r@ *******