Monday, July 20, 2009

I got two new pictues of me and my friend Erica

My pictures are going to be on my default picture and one on here ok? first ill put my default one as teh pic i like the best and the other one i like on this post ok? so ill put it on right now! this one we had our hair done (crimped at my house)
she taller than me but dont pay attention to that! ; )

Friday, July 10, 2009


Attention everyone:

School is coming which means time to buy school supplies!
Me, Iyana, Alexandria and Desiree already know who our teachers are going to be.... Except Desiree because first she was in Mrs. Carters class well NOW Mrs. Moore is going to be PRINCIPAL!!!!!!!!! Which means MRS. CARTER WILL TAKE OVER G.A.T.E. CLASS!!!! So now Desiree will be in a...... in a........... NORMAL CLASS which also means she'll be across the playground where all the (voice breacking) new teachers........... will be..... So this goes to Desiree


Anyway, say welcome back to Alexandria...... Iyana doing good on your blogging world. Good Luck to Desiree! lol. See all you blogger people later! BUH BYE!

Friday, July 3, 2009


Stereograms are SO cool! is it a very freaky pattern of random colors??? NOPE you just have to focus. how i learned to see them is go up close your computer screen and then back away slowly and it turns into a 3D amiation! but if it doesnt work you can go cross eyed and then go close and back away a little and then OMG its fantastic i found this out by my dad when he was working as a printer they figured out this fantastic idea and the other workers and him tried every single one of them and he was looking at this one and he couldnt get and he hears a person from another shack I FOUND IT OUT I CAN SEE IT!!! he was yelling but it took my dad SEVEN hours to figure it out but he was doing two jobs at once so it was hard but u have to br focused and just see it once you do you cant see them in like 1 second! they're so cool! to see some just go to:
click images
then type stereograms
and you'll see alot of different patterns
click one
click full size image
then do the instructions
(it takes a while to get the picture.)
its sooooo COOL!

um try to get these stereograms bigger and u might see these one.....