Friday, September 25, 2009


Hurray Iyana is back!! Wanna know what else Iyana can do??? She can tell the FUTURE!!!! It's weird! Ok, so like, my teacher assigns a star of the day each day of school. Iyana, even though she had the best story, shared her snowglobes in front of the class, has the best poster, had a good diamante, I heard my teacher say she is very creative, she gave her discriptive story to the "fence" class for their teacher to read, AND I bet she's Mrs. Carter's favorite student, she wasn't star of the day. But the weird part was right before she announced star of the day, Iyana said it's going to be you to me..... and it was....... What the heck Iyana! You only say that when I am!! You never say that any other days! Gosh! Anyway,(:-I) We switched desks and I'm sitting next to Iyana and this other girl who is my friend her name is Junette. She's funny, and a math wiz! The teacher also liked my story but Iyana was better. I know she liked Iyana's better or she would have gave mine and Tyler's ( a boy in our class ) to Mrs. Meanie next door. (Lol.) I'm glad Iyana's back. "Hi!!!" Haha Bye!!

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  1. YOU are Mrs. Carter's fave student.
    I am Mrs. PLUDE's fave student. ha haha