Friday, September 25, 2009


Iyana!!! I have a little itty bitty more of my story but i have to restart my idea page!

This is my blog poster!!

Ideas Needed!!
Help anyone! I need more! I need ideas! I need Topics! I need Chapters! I need Chapter Titles

For my story! For Iyana and me to finally send our books to publish! Come on now! Open your hearts!

I don't think anyone sees my blog anyway : ( waaa waaa waaa soooo I probably won't get any ideas : (


Hurray Iyana is back!! Wanna know what else Iyana can do??? She can tell the FUTURE!!!! It's weird! Ok, so like, my teacher assigns a star of the day each day of school. Iyana, even though she had the best story, shared her snowglobes in front of the class, has the best poster, had a good diamante, I heard my teacher say she is very creative, she gave her discriptive story to the "fence" class for their teacher to read, AND I bet she's Mrs. Carter's favorite student, she wasn't star of the day. But the weird part was right before she announced star of the day, Iyana said it's going to be you to me..... and it was....... What the heck Iyana! You only say that when I am!! You never say that any other days! Gosh! Anyway,(:-I) We switched desks and I'm sitting next to Iyana and this other girl who is my friend her name is Junette. She's funny, and a math wiz! The teacher also liked my story but Iyana was better. I know she liked Iyana's better or she would have gave mine and Tyler's ( a boy in our class ) to Mrs. Meanie next door. (Lol.) I'm glad Iyana's back. "Hi!!!" Haha Bye!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where are you Iyana?!?!



Normally she is always blogging, but now...... SHE HASN"T BLOGGED FOR ABOUT 2 DAYS!!!


Friday, September 18, 2009

The Answers to Iyana's 100th Post Savenger Hunt!

Here are the answers to my best friend's 100th post savenger hunt. If you don't know what I am talking about, visit to see! Here are all 25 answers! But I would have had them a lot earlier if my computer didn't make a mess up! Grrr......... Anyway, here we go:

1. The "Circle of my life" project is finished!!!
2. Page counters!
4. Ducks Ahoy!
5. September 11th
6. Rainy Days
7. May Day
8. Paranoid
9. Going Green with a Greenhouse
10. Today is the day!
11. The only two people on earth
12. Ice cream and cake!
13. He answered! :-D
14. San Diego!
15. Viva Las Vegas!
16. Americas Best Dance Crew week 2
17. Series of Unfortunate Events books
18. Swine Flu
19. Sigh
20. They're getting Married!
21. Sink or float
22. Optical Illusions
23. Cars
24. Tanning is made for people (and dogs!)
25. Lastly!! Meat a.k.a. Brisket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those are my answers.. Exactly how they are like all the spelling, exclamation marks, and everything on the title now comment and tell me if I got them ALL right, or if I got some wrong....( Doubt It!!!)

P.S. Say "HOORAY" for Iyana she is the STAR of the DAY on Monday!!! HOORAY! HOORAY!!
HOORAY!!! YAY!! She gets to sit in this AWESOME chair for a whole day! Plus, do all the fun things that other people can't! Nice Job!

******* $@r@ *******

Monday, September 14, 2009

Yoplait Yogurts.

Have you ever tried the following yogurts:

KEY LIME PIE....Chocolate Mousse....Peaches and Cream!!

Those yogurts have the best taste ever! I mostly like Key Lime Pie. It has to be whips! No light, original, or the other kinds. The following ^^^ yogurts^^^ are^^^ so good! You have got to try them! I just tried peaches and cream today it was goooooooooood. I have tried the chocolate 1 or 2 but you got to try them!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Iyana seriously, HOBOS???
What am I supposed to say oh wait I know!

The saddest thing is.....................................



its so sad isnt it...

Is that what I'm supposed to say! I think so Bye!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I have no idea what to blog about..... I Need Ideas!!!!
Somebody, anybody, please tell me!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Spongebob and The Squidward

Hey people! This post is about what me and my buddies do all day at school.......................................JERK,REJECT,SPONGEBOB, and THE SQUIDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the spongebob and the squidward are the same but only different ways but with the spongebob it goes in back and squidward it goes in front! the jerk and reject is AWESOME!!!!! ITS LIKE THE HIPPEST DANCE EVER! LOL and well its so fun to do and iyana talk to me cuz i know your online!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Can you notice?

I added new things to my blog, can you spot them?


I can't wait to get my reward for my runner job!

Alot of piks of me big medium and small
+ a class pik!

Say high to my new friend Marissa and her new blog she doesn't have any posts yet but her address is, Iyana you did a great job on your presentation and that you did yours FiRST! I'm good on doing my projects after the 1st one because then thats when they ask you all the question and I messed up on my presentation because I forgot the most iMPORTANT thing............ My BiRTHDAy MONTH YEAR EVEN DAy! But you did great! Wow! But, *sigh* I guess I have to tell you how many posts I actually have sinse iyANA said it ten times but I guess she's the only one who goes to my page, so here it goes......I am so bad because you have WAy more I'm telling you that now...............Here it goes............33 see I told you it was not alot but this is my 34th so I'll keep counting and I'll say when I have 50 or 100 so see ya next time! buh bye! :-D