Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Oceanside is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the beach
hee hee i go there sometimes because my sister and brother live there and its the best
we go to the beach all the time and play in the water, find some sand crabs and everything there is also pools in case ur afraid of the salt water so hope you enjoy oceanside!!!!!


  1. You said you have a Club Penguin, right? Know how Rockhopper left a few weeks ago? Look at my blog to see what I'm talking about....


  2. Michael jackson died! :c :c :c

  3. i noe! actually 3 celebraties died this girl named farrrah fawcet i think and of corse michael jackson and this person who said this motto for something idk but michael jackson died of a heart attack.......sad sad sad..........

  4. Billy Mays just died, too. The loud guy from the burger press and Oxi Clean commercial. And Ed McMan, too. It went like this:
    1. Ed McMan
    2. Farrah Fawcet
    3. Michael Jackson(who expected HIM to be the third?)
    4. Billy Mays

    The day before Billy's death, the front tires if his plane were flat. So in the landing, some people got bruises, etc. I think something worse happened to Billy that caused him to die the next day.


  5. lol oh yea i forgot his name for a sec

  6. Don't have the pool party this weekend plz. because:

    July 3- My cousins are coming, i'm spending the night.
    July 4- I have to set up my 2nd anual 4th of July festival.
    July 5- Riley and Reagans bday (Trina's twins are turning two) I'm gonna be in Tehachapi