Saturday, June 13, 2009


Memberships on Clubpenguin are pretty kool but not when they hurt your best friend I know Iyana that you wanted to be a member and im sorry I didn't mean to make you sad...
But were kool now so im happy
BTW memberships are only $6.00 at Rite-Aid but there cards like member ship cards>>>>>>>>>>this is what it looks like>>
except with Gamma Gal and Shadow Guy and stuff but only for a month!!!!!!! = D


  1. :-I. I should have been happy for you, but I was being a jerk. It's just that, well I'll do the math for you:

    You + Membership = Popularity and hanging with other members who only like you because your a member.

    Penguins aren't the most loveable thing in the world. People on Clubpenguin can be really selfish. It's like school, most people like for your clothes, money, and popularity. Anyways, be happy, I am very happy my buddy is a member! :-D

  2. $6.00 iyana $6.00 i would be happy if u were one to!

  3. its not like that because that never happens and wen im with u i onl y am with u ok? so and today u were hanging out with that emo girl and made me really sad because i was showing all the sad faces and saying stuff and all u had to say was awww im so sad for u to the emo girl and show ur sadness for her........... yea i thought u had a new sorry to say.......<=(