Monday, June 8, 2009

Club Penguin!

Club penguin is a website that you can talk to people all around the world!!!!!!! I have met some
people from Rhode Island, New York, California (Iyana lol) and Iyana met someone from ENGLAND!!!! Isn't that amazing well you can also discover it when you go there! But there are certain rules.

#1. No Bad Language
#2. No Bullying
#3. No Personal Information Such as.....
Addresses:E-mail, Home etc.
Real Name
But you can say your state.

So have fun it's a great way to see your friends over the summer (Iyana Lol)
So have fun!

that a huge club penguin sign lol
P.S. While I'm writting this post I'm playing Club Penguin at the same time!!! lol.


  1. lol. Nice pic by the way! :-)

  2. Im going to start newspaper club at my house. The first meeting is on June 15 (Monday). At 5:00 to 6:30. We can still see each other! If you want to join, just comment me and i'll talk to my mom! All you need to bring is you, and I got the rest. The club is all about debates, disccusions, prizes, snacks, and fun! I hope you can join. It's on mondays all the way until August 17 (the day before the first day of school).

  3. can i join and i need to know where your house is

  4. um i might beable to join but i might not be able to go to all the meeting.....

  5. I think Alexandria moved. She was talking about at school, so maybe that's why she stopped blogging. wonders.

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  8. Hi! My penguin's name is Rassbert, I have a blog specifically for Club Penguin secrets. My penguin has been a member since February 27, 2009. I have a few pages of stuff on my blog, and I'd like you to see it. Iyana discovered it. You can make the picture smaller if you go to New Post. Then, at the top right of the page, click on dashboard. click edit posts. click on this one. click on the logo. the little square at the bottom right corner is how to shrink it. click the square and move your mouse towards the center. then just simply click publish post.

    -Rassbert creator of Rassbert's Secrets

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  10. i already noe i meant to make it big..thax anyway ha ha