Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Even though rain is awesome, today it has gone to a whole new level! it was a downpour yesterday and its not gonna stop til Friday!!!!!!!!! there has never been so much rain! i love rain tho. anyway g2g peace out!


  1. lmao means laughing my a** off.
    idk what lmas means.

  2. i noe but i dont say that kuz it HAS a** in it.....

  3. im so sorry for hanging out wit junette so please forgive me, all i want is us to be friends again i mean i noe we are friends but i mean FRIENDS!!!!!!!!! cuz wen i come along u get all quiet i want ya to noe im very sorry for al that i have done even if i am hangin out wit junette im sorry for all the other stuff and that all of it im sorry if it not me then i dont even care bout that i just want to be friends again before my birthday!!! please! =)