Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My day at skool........

Today was...hmm...okay....(i say in a unsure voice). it was a very "mixed feelings" day... For one, we took a math test...which was hard but not hard at the same time it was about markups,discounts,tips,sales tax and the hardest thing of all......SIMPLE INTEREST!!!!!it may not sound hard but it was! then we got to use calculators and our book for formulas and big multiplcation. Junette got 100%!!! which isnt a BIG surprise and Iyana got a 95%!!!! which is what i WISH i got but what did i get? i dont think i want to say well a 70% big whoop...im okay with it but its not the best grade and its not the worst grade so thats ok i mean ive gotten that before but idk..anyway...we ALSO have to do a report. it should be easy but i hate reports either way,and science fair, :-S but thank goodness we dont have to present it in front of the class,phew! but we do have to present our science fair project..ugh. but iyana was star of the day today!!!! WHOO HOO! go iyana go iyana! i even said she would she was like no! i said Yea! you are i know you are! and when here name got called i started laughing as she walked up to the front of the class and she looked at me and we both started laughing together. but you wouldnt guess what she picked...was it a smiley face magnet? i just saw a purple smiley face and a little thing on the back lol. anyway i g2g peace out everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

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