Friday, July 10, 2009


Attention everyone:

School is coming which means time to buy school supplies!
Me, Iyana, Alexandria and Desiree already know who our teachers are going to be.... Except Desiree because first she was in Mrs. Carters class well NOW Mrs. Moore is going to be PRINCIPAL!!!!!!!!! Which means MRS. CARTER WILL TAKE OVER G.A.T.E. CLASS!!!! So now Desiree will be in a...... in a........... NORMAL CLASS which also means she'll be across the playground where all the (voice breacking) new teachers........... will be..... So this goes to Desiree


Anyway, say welcome back to Alexandria...... Iyana doing good on your blogging world. Good Luck to Desiree! lol. See all you blogger people later! BUH BYE!


  1. Hey Sara, go to my profile page, and on the left side, it will say email. Email me! I'm sad and lonely! lol

  2. no i am no one ever goes to my blog i have had this blog for 5 days and no one commented until u

  3. lol. You don't know how to email me??? Just go to my blog, then go to view profile. Under my pic of coujo, it should say EMAIL. Click that. and tell me if you have any other problems.

  4. i have a big problem......

  5. lol i miss you too! But it's not going to be that long, trust me. This year we have to learn algebra and stuff, and acient civilazations. ugh

    but its getting closer and closer and i still havnt had a pool party im so sorry = ( but i dont even noe if i will its up to my dad
    and i need to noe how to do it like who needs a ride like desiree (probably not) but i also have to pay which is completely confusing for 3? or 2? i dont even noe if desirees coming i mean..........ugh if i get around to getting this party going ill have to pay.....50+50= $1.00 and if desiree comes $1.50 soooo and they also have snacks and if we have snacks then.... well they are all different prices like $1.00 or .25 or .50 or .75 cents so ill have to bring like..........$10.00 u think or like idk 6 or 7.00 idk all up to approximently hmmmm...........well i cant even see that answer cause i dont even noe if desirees coming!?!?!? but it will be either.......5.00 or 5.50 (im going wit five not ten C; ) and well get back to me! HELP NEEDED lol

  7. okay. What i would do, bring the ten bucks, or i can bring my own money (my mom gives me some cash just in case). Either way, you need to hurry up girl, schools is just around the corner, and if you do the party on the last week before school, i can't make it cuz i'm going Vegas! btw i totally see ur dilema. if you need me to tell Desiree, just tell me and i'll call her.

  8. Thanks I know you'll always be there for me! But it's my first time "hosting" a party, and it's kinda hard for me, I mean for you and Desiree it's like you guys have it all under control but I'm like "AAAHHHHHH WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!," but I guess what I'll do is.....*thinks* hmm. If this is to much to ask...
    You bring $0.50 cents for you to get in, Desiree get $0.50 cents to get in, and same for me but I don't know what to do for snack money!? Do I bring money for 3!?!? Do you bring your own money, and Desiree brings her own money!?!?! I'm so confused..... And I won't be here this Saturday (just telling you.) Anyway, I think you need to call Desiree for me. But don't leave a message, talk to her "in person" if you know what I mean. I need to hurry, I know, I know! But what in the world do I do for snack money!?! It's going to be hard for me to get the money from my dad and my mom isn't going to come back until Aug. 17th! Sooooo get back to me but don't call Desiree yet okay? Get back to me! A.S.A.P. I need to get this party going!

  9. OKAY. I explained this:
    1. You find the day.
    2. Comment me the day and time.
    3. I call desiree
    4. My mom picks desiree and me up to go to the pool. Me and Desiree bring our own money.

  10. ok thax soooooooooooooooooo much that makes it so much easier for me!!!!!!! i will do a better job next time i "try" to host a party!!!!!!
    so :( and also : D